Donna Mamma is the newest neapolitan pizzeria that is based on traditional foundations with new twists of flavors in the heart of Budapest. While our restaurant is brand new, the quality is guaranteed right from the get go, since the pizzeria is owned by the well known team of Bamba Marha Burger Bar (Dining Guide Top 10). We were so amazed by the Pizza Napoletana, that one of us actually took the time to train and take the official exam in Naples, and now we are building up an unexpected brand in Budapest.

The training was given by AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana), which is the official union in Naples. Their job is to make sure tradition and quality is up to the standards in all the pizzerias that undertake qualifying to these standards. They also provide training in this field. Nevertheless, Pizza Neapolitana is part of the World Heritage, and as such it has a high importance of quality for everyone making this fantastic food. It was a no brainer to get started in cooperation with the association, with their professional help, which meant for example receiving a world-class trainer from Italy to Budapest, who participated in opening the best pizzerias in the world, and getting guidance in selecting perfect quality Italian ingredients.

AVPN has a quality insurance system in place, and those who complete their strict conditions can use the logo of the association. Such standards are that the pizza dough is only made of the four traditional ingredients, it is made by us using the traditional methods, and it is baked in a 450 celsius heated oven for 60-90 seconds. We are not disclosing a big secret when we say, that our goal is to qualify for this title, and be a part of the amazing network of the hundreds of AVPN registrated pizzerias!

We are building on stable foundations, but plan to go beyond: just as we did a big bang in the burger scene of Budapest with Bamba Marha, we have the same goal for Donna Mamma: exceptional ingredients, exciting combinations and of course fantastic flavors!